ASF-Int – Reflecting in Action – Challenging Practice Stage B

ASF- Sweden organises ‘In-situ studio’ in Guinea Bissau, January 3-16, 2019.

Welcome with your application latest by 27th of November!

We hereby invite professional architects, planners and other interested within the field of urban development to take this opportunity to broaden existing knowledge and perspectives gaining understanding of some of the complexities of this field, and to engage in the production of habitat for the world’s most vulnerable people. 3-16 January 2019 ASF Sweden will host a 2 week workshop in Guinea Bissau as part of ‘Reflecting in Action’ Challenging Practice Stage B.

The course is conducted together with our local partners UNICEF, OGD and Lusofona University and consists of theoretical and practical moments focusing on collaboration and co-creation. Through close collaboration with local people and local partners, work from the workshop will directly feed into UNICEF’s ongoing WASH project in Guinea-Bissau. For more information about the education and the application form, see link:

Challenging Practice is an international education program for architects and planners who want to work with global development issues in an urban context.

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