Challenging Practice

Essentials for the Social Production of Habitat

CHALLENGING-PRACTICE1is an independent-learning programme that seeks to enable built environment professionals to engage reflexively with the challenges of international development in the urban global South.

This course has been developed as ASF-International strongly believes that the construction of social facilities for the benefit of the most underprivileged sectors of the world’s population requires a broader approach from built environment professionals.

The course is divided into four stages: a theoretical online introduction, a two-day seminar, a practical workshop or internship, and finally a last stage of deeper theoretical reflection.

Stage 1: Introduction

The first stage is a free theoretical online introduction that provides an initial overview of the knowledge required to engage with vulnerable groups in an urban context.

Stage 2: Learning in Action

The second stage consists of a two-day seminar. This is designed to enable participants to deepen their understanding of the topics covered by Stage 1 through scenario-building activities and role-play exercises based on real case studies.

Stage 3: Reflecting in Action

This stage may be either a practical internship or the attendance on a workshop in the field. It offers learners a live immersion into urban reality to put into practice the concepts, methodologies, skills and techniques acquired in previous phases.

Stage 4: Reflecting on Action

Reflecting on Action consists of the development and submission of a personal written, graphic or video essay. It is designed to facilitate critical reflection on both the theoretical and fieldwork components of previous stages of Challenging Practice.

Different Stages of the programme can be undertaken through different “Challenging Practice” partner organisations. These include: ASF-France, ASF-Italia, ASF-España, ASF-Sweden, ASF-UK.


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